Where Did Jhumpa Lahiri Go to College?

Unveiling the Academic Journey of Jhumpa Lahiri: Where Did Jhumpa Lahiri Go to College?

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Jhumpa Lahiri, is celebrated worldwide for her profound and impactful writing. While her unique storytelling style captures hearts and minds, the question often arises: Where did Jhumpa Lahiri go to college? Unveiling this aspect of her life helps us understand her intellectual foundations that contributed significantly to her writing prowess.

Laying the Foundations: Lahiri’s Early Years

Lahiri’s early education was spread between South Kingstown High School in Rhode Island and London’s distinguished private institution, the Beaver Country Day School. However, the pivotal part of her educational journey, the college years, played a profound role in shaping her as a writer.

Where Did Jhumpa Lahiri Go to College?

Jhumpa Lahiri received her undergraduate degree from Barnard College, a liberal arts women’s college affiliated with Columbia University in New York City. Lahiri pursued English literature, a choice that later paved the way for her flourishing writing career.

The Postgraduate Journey: From Boston to Italy

Lahiri didn’t stop at a bachelor’s degree. She later obtained multiple degrees from Boston University, including a Master’s in English, Creative Writing, and Comparative Literature, and a Doctorate in Renaissance Studies. Her thorough and diverse academic journey has undeniably left a significant impact on her writing style, as evident in her literary works.

Jhumpa Lahiri and Her Relationship with Language

Interestingly, Lahiri’s time in Italy, which marked her doctorate research phase, ignited a deep interest in the Italian language. Her passion for learning Italian was so profound that she started writing exclusively in the language, enhancing her already multi-dimensional narrative style.


Q: Where did Jhumpa Lahiri go to college?

Jhumpa Lahiri went to Barnard College for her undergraduate studies.

Q: What did Lahiri study at college?

Lahiri pursued English literature during her undergraduate years at Barnard College.

Q: Where did Jhumpa Lahiri continue her education after college?

After completing her bachelor’s degree, Lahiri earned multiple postgraduate degrees from Boston University.

Q: What other languages has Lahiri studied?

Apart from English, Lahiri has a deep interest in the Italian language and even started writing exclusively in Italian at one point in her career.


By understanding where Jhumpa Lahiri went to college, we can better appreciate the journey that has shaped her into the renowned author she is today. Her academic experience has certainly played an instrumental role in her success and offers a fascinating glimpse into her remarkable journey.

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