Where did Khushwant Singh go to College?

Khushwant Singh: The Exploration of His College Years

A shining beacon of Indian literature and history, Khushwant Singh was not only an iconic writer but also a historian, lawyer, and politician. Many curious minds often ask, “Where did Khushwant Singh go to college?” The journey of his education holds significant influence over his spectacular career.

Khushwant Singh’s Early Life and Education

Born in 1915 in Punjab, Khushwant Singh embarked on his academic journey with St. Stephen’s College in Delhi. His early education in India laid a strong foundation for his future studies.

Khushwant Singh’s College Education

Khushwant Singh attended King’s College in London, a prestigious institution renowned for its rigorous academics and diverse student body. This transformative phase in Singh’s life exposed him to global perspectives, significantly impacting his future work.

Following his time at King’s College, Singh was admitted to the Inner Temple in London, where he studied law. This legal background later allowed him to serve India as a diplomat, journalist, and politician.

Impact of College Education on Khushwant Singh’s Career

The insights Khushwant Singh gained during his college years in London undeniably contributed to his illustrious career. He utilized his global experiences and education to reflect on Indian society and politics, making him a prominent voice in literature and journalism.


1. Where did Khushwant Singh go to college?

Khushwant Singh attended King’s College in London and later studied law at the Inner Temple in London.

2. What did Khushwant Singh study in college?

Khushwant Singh studied at King’s College and later pursued law at the Inner Temple.

3. How did Khushwant Singh’s college education influence his career?

Khushwant Singh’s time at King’s College and the Inner Temple enriched him with diverse perspectives and a strong understanding of law and society. These experiences influenced his later work in literature, journalism, and politics.

4. Did Khushwant Singh study in India?

Before attending college in London, Khushwant Singh studied at St. Stephen’s College in Delhi, India.

5. How did Khushwant Singh’s early education in India contribute to his later studies and career?

His early education at St. Stephen’s College provided Khushwant Singh with a solid academic foundation, which prepared him for his studies in London and his prolific career in writing and public service.

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