Where Did Tyreek Hill Go To College

Tyreek Hill, a name synonymous with exceptional speed and agility in the National Football League (NFL), embarked on a dynamic journey in college before making his way to professional football. His college journey includes an interesting trifecta of institutions: Garden City Community College, Oklahoma State University, and the University of West Alabama.

Hill first stepped into his college career at Garden City Community College, where he showcased his athletic prowess in both football and track. As a sophomore in 2013, Hill exhibited remarkable statistics. With 659 rushing yards and five touchdowns under his belt, coupled with catching 67 passes for 532 receiving yards, his talent for football was undisputed.

After proving himself at Garden City Community College, Hill transferred to the well-known Oklahoma State University. His role here shifted to a running back for the Cowboys football team. However, his journey at Oklahoma State was abruptly interrupted in 2015. Unfortunately, Hill was dismissed from the program due to a charge of domestic assault and battery by strangulation, following allegations of attacking his then-pregnant girlfriend.

Subsequently, Hill found a new platform for his football career at the University of West Alabama, a Division II school. Despite the tumultuous events that led to his transfer, he persevered and continued to hone his skills on the field.

Despite his complex and often controversial past, there’s no denying that Hill’s college journey played a significant role in shaping his professional career in the NFL. His time at these colleges not only gave him the opportunity to showcase his extraordinary abilities but also to grow as an athlete and as a person.


Q: What position did Tyreek Hill play in college?

A: Tyreek Hill was a versatile player throughout his college career, contributing in various capacities. At Garden City Community College, Hill was a running back and receiver. Upon his transfer to Oklahoma State University, he continued his role as a running back. At the University of West Alabama, Hill played a significant role as a wide receiver and return specialist.

Q: Did Tyreek Hill face any disciplinary action in college?

A: Yes, Tyreek Hill faced significant disciplinary action during his time at Oklahoma State University. In 2014, he was arrested and charged with domestic assault and battery by strangulation following allegations of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend. This led to Hill’s dismissal from the Oklahoma State football program.

Q: How did Tyreek Hill perform in college football?

A: Tyreek Hill showed promising performance throughout his college football career. At Garden City Community College, as a sophomore, he ran for 659 rushing yards and five touchdowns, while also catching 67 passes for 532 receiving yards. Although his time at Oklahoma State University was cut short, Hill made an impression with his speed and versatility. At the University of West Alabama, despite it being a Division II school, Hill excelled and continued to demonstrate his exceptional athletic abilities.

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